Thursday, May 5, 2016

Who Is Tami Jackson


Tami Jackson: Grandma. Mother. Sister. Lover. Writer. Healer. Intuitive. Author. Artist. Laborer. Gardener. Animal Enthusiast. Writer. Blogger. Editor. Web Designer. Trucker and Faerie Friend.

So often when someone writes a description of themselves they present some pigeon-holed story in too rigid of a way for anyone whose suffered, or lived life at all, to relate to that writer on a personal level. In my case? "Change" or maybe even “Spare Change” should be my middle name. It’s not that I enjoy upheaval. I hate it, especially when LIFE modifies my carefully-plotted desires without consulting with me in any way.

Yet metamorphosis keeps on happening. Now that I’m in my fifties I’m adapting to even more change and transition. I'm also going through “THE CHANGE.” That means I am finding cures for all kinds of obstacles and am learning to keep my body's triple-heater set at a normal temperature. It also means elder folk want to give me all kinds of advice. Typically they say that the older we get, the more difficult it seems just getting out of bed in the morning. "Yay!"

Glad to report that for the time being
I can still sleep soundly thanks to my clear-conscience, and sometimes thanks to Melatonin and maybe some home-grown Valerian root.
Since I'm currently working a very labor-intensive job, I will be posting a "how to heal carpal tunnel" article here pretty soon.

In the meantime, I’m learning that too hard of repetitive physical labor can actually make the limbs grow weaker, not stronger. At some point ya just have to "pace yourself" better. Take time to smell what ever's under our noses.


Back when I was 18, I married a Seventh-day Adventist Preacher/sexual-predator. 8 years later we divorced and seeing how the church stood behind pedophile behavior, I found logic and became a witch (thanks to Scott Cunningham's book, "Wicca, A Guide To The Solitary Practitioner."

That's not to say my religious evolution has not grown since then. It's just that, at the time, witchcraft did not seem like a religion at all. It seemed much more like logic, especially after I grew up on a small goat-and-vegetable far. Cunningham's book, which embraced everything Nature has to teach us, just seemed smart.

It can be said, that due to all the changes life has brought me, I now relate to more to human suffering and people who are in transition. Fact is we all go through change (not referring to pick-pocketing here). So anytime someone is lost, feeling confused, or clueless about what they should do next ... I'm totally there to help them. That's largely why I offer Tarot readings online.

I also write about a variety of life experiences I've been through. That's what this blog is about ... sharing life lessons I learn along the way. In fact, here's a link to an article I wrote for a local paper about being a woman, working in a career traditional to men, and holding my own. "Mother Trucker!" (Enjoy.)


Born to write, *writing for hire* remains my life passion. As a little kid I wrote poetry and drew pictures and wrote short stories. My dad then said that for me to be a good writer - I should be able to write a story about what that cement fence post that he had just poured, and set, to hold up the fencing materials that would keep farm animals out of our front yard. So I did. I wrote a very emotion-filled story in first person about being a fence post for one year. In that story I shared how it feels to be crapped on by birds, how unappreciative folks are when I protected them from predators with no financial or emotional reward and how awful it is to continually endure all kinds of weather, not to mention dogs peeing on me. In the end, my dad thought my story was noteworthy enough to encourage my study at Washington State University, where I earned a bachelor's
degree in communications/English from their Edward R. Murrow program.    


I write and blog for many reasons. First for self-healing (writing is therapy). Second for money. Third because my family keeps evolving and one day I may be gone but my words might stay behind to let future generations know that I’m still around to haunt and protect them. (Hope that last part will make the unborn future offspring laugh.) Actually - I really write because I feel like I really have a lot of important things to say! (So listen up.)

The reason I design web pages is to stay connected in the perpetual evolution of our world at large. This blog and are my way to stay current with an ever growing computer technology as I study social trends and throw around important-sounding acronyms like SEO, HTML and AYSKM (are you serious kidding me)


In tech school, where I earned my massage therapy credentials, I earned straight A’s. That’s important because there are many times when I’ve gone to a traditional doctor for assistance with carpal tunnel treatments or whiplash injuries and they really did not seem to have the slightest clue as to why my arms, hands, were falling asleep on me. Thanks to the fact I actually paid attention in anatomy and physiology class - I am most often able to find ways to treat my pains when doctors merely seem to want to address symptoms with synthetic drugs; anti-inflammatory medicines which come in handy sometimes but are not sustainable for long term health care.

When newspapers started folding and it became harder and more difficult to find work as a professional writer, I studied massage, herbs and hypnotherapy to better care for myself – and that knowledge has often translated into my helping others heal. In the process of working as a masseuse, it also became evident (from touching people) that I’m also rather empathic. That reality – of hearing thoughts, feeling other people’s emotions, and completing their sentences before they could find the best word – launched me on a new journey for wanting to know how the brain works. How did I know the new massage client laying silently on my table was in horrific grief when they showed no signs outwardly?

My work as an intuitive massage therapist also led to me getting paid for doing other jobs, such as clearing houses of ghosts and other metaphysical critters. My massage customers determined if anyone could talk to the paranormal - it was their telepathic masseuse.

Such questions - about how we know what we know - are why I became fascinated with and studied hypnotherapy.  See this watch I’m dangling before your eyes right now? Watch the watch, the watch, the watch... Then? Make sure you subscribe to this blog!
Watch the watch, the watch. Subscribe. Watch the watch, the watch.

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