Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I May Be Crazy About Cats - But I'm Not A Crazy Lady

Last night I dreamed about cats. Three adults and three little kittens just a few weeks old. All of the cats were black but one adult cat had a white belly and paws. One kitten also had longer hair than the others. Black, it had a streak of really long white angora-type woolly hair growing along its spine.
One kitten had longer hair with a long
white angora-type wool growing along its spine.

In my dream I just kept wanting to RESCUE all of the cats, which were living inside a vacation home but were not being cared for by the business owners at all. They were all hungry, shedding, and had fleas.

In my dream, I felt highly perplexed about the animals because I wanted to save them - yet knew it would be irresponsible to take on more animals when I already have two very healthy pets at home.

To interpret the meaning of this dream, I am sorting through my emotions - pondering the struggles I've endured in my waking hours this past week.

In waking life, at my night job, I am surrounded by homeless people. Some of them seem fully capable of caring for themselves (like the adult cats in my dream) yet some are mentally disabled, either from birth defect, injury, or drug abuse. The most vulnerable among the homeless are symbolized by the kittens in my dreams - seemingly un-cared for and helpless.

The fact that human beings can be so neglected by society (e.g., I see a number of disparaged people in wheel chairs) plagues my soul. So often beggars approach my work truck asking for money and while I work very hard, and don't live any kind of life of luxury, my expenses are too tight to support any of them; responsibly.

Another contributing emotion comes from the following very compelling (very short) film. I had posted it on Facebook just last night before nodding off to sleep. Hope you watch it.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Witching Hour - Do Hauntings Only Happen Between 9 pm and 6 am

By definition, the Witching Hour is actually at 3 a.m. That's when many middle aged and other people who have trouble sleeping suddenly wake from their sleep - wide awake! Yet according to the following video, which promotes the cramped but real life haunted objects museum owned by world-renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, in Connecticut, USA, evil lurks only at certain times of the day.


Queen symbolizes dominant feminine/yin
or dark/night energy

In the above mini-film, you will hear Ed Warren claim that the haunting hours are between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., nightly. My personal experience is that haunting can happen any time of day or night, just like psychic ability. Yet when the lights dim and our own activities have typically slowed enough for us to become more observant about noises and thumps, we notice more paranormal things.

To make sure I’m not just regurgitating already known facts here (I am always refreshing my brain’s input, asking for more clarity on my beliefs about things) I am drawing a Tarot card and I'm asking whether hauntings are more likely to happen after dark.

Drawn is the Queen of Wands. What is leaping out at me from this card, as it relates to the question, is the fact that the Queen symbolizes dominant feminine energy. Night time is also dominantly feminine or yin. The dark hours are ruled by the moon, which controls our intuition and emotions, and since many people sleep during these hours – and sleep is controlled by our subconscious minds – we can be more in tune with paranormal suggestion at night. The conscious mind (which we use during normal daytime business) is much more critical and less willing to allow dreams and paranormal messages to come into our scope of reality.

Therefore, Tarot seems to be saying that it's true. Haunting hours are more noticeable at night.

Now I want to know more specifically if we (as people) simply NOTICE hauntings more at night or if they really happen more at a particular time. So I'm asking Tarot again ...

Justice is impartial and spirits
don't care what time of day it is.

Drawn is the Justice card. Here, Justice teaches us, the sword is double-edged, cutting both ways, impartially. That means spirits, demons,  and critters that make bumping noises in the night don't really care what time of day it is. 

According to this reading ... my beliefs ... that hauntings happen more at night only because that's when we notice them ... seems reaffirmed.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Talking To The Jackass Who Beats His Talking Donkey

2,000 years ago, a story was told about a man named Balaam who, for the sake of this story, we could refer to as "Jackass" (since he was a contemptibly foolish and stupid man). Yet that would make this story-telling awkward because Balaam rode upon a beast that was also from the jackass family. So for now, just know Balaam was a bigger jackass than the domestic donkey he rode upon.

If the records are correct, Balaam saddled his very wise donkey (soon to turn Shaman) in the morning. Soon the two of them were off on a most adventurous journey. But then something very scary happened. The donkey - who was paying attention to the road - noticed the Angel of Death up ahead and it had raised a shiny sword to smite Balaam!

Instantly. Smartly. But with fear and dread, the donkey quickly veered off into a field; protecting his rider. Yet Balaam was seemingly blind and very ignorant. He beat that great animal and forced it back onto the road. 

So later, while the donkey continued to carry his big-ass burden down a much more narrow path, through the vineyards, with walls on both sides, the Angel of Death appeared a second time. Again, to protect his rider, the donkey pressed hard against the wall to escape that sword's powerful swing and accidentally crushed Balaam’s foot.

In retaliation, the horrible man beat the poor donkey again. (Talk about thankless!)

Yet again, farther along the road, in an even more narrow place where there was no room to escape left or right, the Angel of Death manifested yet again to kill Balaam. This time the fast-thinking donkey dropped to his hocks and laid belly-flat so his rider could escape beneath the sword.

Balaam, who could not see the nose on his own face, was blinded by rage. He began beating his faithful animal with his staff and I'm pretty sure there were some pretty salty curses spoken. "G'&@**it!"

Finally, the donkey had enough! In plain Jewish he said: “What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?”

Go figure. Instead of seeing the miracle in that moment, where his donkey was speaking to him, Balaam reacted as though animals regularly speak to him in human dialect. “You have made a fool of me! If only I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you right now.”

So the donkey snorted: “Really? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?”

“No,” Balaam finally had to admit. Right then, however, is when he finally noticed the Angel of Death looming overhead. Yet instead of thanking the donkey for saving his life three times, he groveled before Voldemort, for some reason that escapes me completely, his pathetic life was spared.


How This Story Relates To Providing Psychic Readings On-Line 

On rare occasion, when a new potential client contacts a psychic on-line, that person might ask for a "free connection." In that process, the less well-mannered among them also want a question answered for FREE. 

Fact is? They are acting very much like Balaam and cannot see the Angel of Death that looms whenever someone asks someone to work for nothing.

Like any reader with experience, I might feel especially generous and agree to make a connection by telling the new person something about themselves. The reason I do is to show good faith. Maybe I provide a few details about how they look. That's even after I've received nothing but a series of numbers, or the name "anonymous" and not so much as their favorite flavor of coffee to go on ... 

In spite of my good intentions, however, too often, if that person is like Balaam, they respond in anger that I did not answer their pressing question before they hired me. Like ignoring the talking donkey, they not only missed the fact that I just described them completely (proving I can do the work they want me to do) but they also missed the fact that I've been rated by more than a hundred other clients and have earned that five star rating that's brandished below my name.

Fact is? I could lower myself to that "give it to me FREE" behavior. I could also walk around declaring that I want free pedicures, free gas and free groceries. More importantly I'd like free Interent so I could better afford to sit here at the computer talking to people! 

Yet I have observed that asking for things for FREE (with no effort given) tends not to produce very good results. Most things in life - from the coffee we drink in the morning to the hot bath we pour at night - required some amount of effort on our part for us to enjoy such.

How To Talk To A Psychic On-line

Charlatans are everywhere. That's true. They're working in education, for newspapers, in churches and I'm pretty sure they're also working on-line. That's why I feel it is completely acceptable to ask a psychic to make a connection BEFORE you hire for the first time but only if they don't have any other kind of ratings for you to judge them by.

Nobody but Balaam would insult the psychic by asking them to work without hiring first. Fact is, many Tarot readers who work on-line can only read Tarot and cannot make psychic readings about who you are or what you look like at all. That's not a bad reflection on them. Simply look at their ratings, pay attention to what kind of services that reader offers, and know, if they have five stars, or even four stars, they'll very likely provide you with incredible insight.

Reflect on the donkey's past behavior to know if you can trust him/her in the future. That's the best advice any psychic can give. *Don't beat the worker, with words or otherwise.* That's the best professional policy.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Possession: My Personal Dream Of A Haunting

This morning (I work grave yard shift so sleep in the day) I dreamed I was inside a mansion talking to very wealthy people. The maid brought in a cylinder-shaped lamp where the ingredients inside twirled in circles. I did not see a cord or other power source yet the lamp seemed self-powered; even without any solar panel. 

The master of the house explained it was his deceased wife, living inside the lamp. Her soul made it glow and swirl. Next thing I knew, her spirit left the lamp to possess me. In that moment, and by no effort on my part, I began floating and swirling around that luxurious room faster and faster, the tips of my toes barely touching the floor. My body was moving in the same circular fashion the lamp had swirled and it was bizarre but felt very peaceful and spectacular.

Then the spirit left me and entered into yet another visitor to the mansion. I approached that person to talk to the spirit, who had not communicated at all with me while she had been inside my body. I asked the spirit what she wanted and why had she left me so quickly.

The crotchety old woman-spirit said she didn't like the smell of my breath; which tasted like salsa and hot sauce. She also said the back of my long hair was greasy and she found that loathsome.

I woke up, checked my hair, and it was still clean. Haven't eaten Mexican-style food in a very long while. Have no insecurities and have not felt rejected by anyone in a very long while so the meaning of this dream completely escapes me.

It felt so very real. Whatever could the meaning be?

Friday, June 3, 2016

What Helped With Hot Flashes: Estroven verses Promensil

UPDATE: Months later I am hot-flash FREE. Seriously. Mine were really out of control until I went through all of this. May my suffering and success help YOU, dear sister. May you also return to your own pre-change sanity.


First time I tried to get relief from hot flashes my doctor claimed that the estrogen birth control pills (pharmaceuticals) that were formerly prescribed more often than mole-removal therapies were now considered taboo. Turns out estrogens created pharmaceutically were now believed to cause cancer. My M.D. had nothing else to offer me.

Because I was suffering quite severely, waking up in sweat, feeling like I needed to shower after every hot flash during the day, and because I was entertaining my boyfriend by suddenly ripping off all my clothes at times I wasn't romantically interested ... my resolve was to get help. I recruited some advice from herbal therapists and friends.

Turns out, a few of my middle-aged gal-pals had used an herbal supplement called Estroven and said it really helped curb their perimenopause and menopausal symptoms.

So I investigated and learned one cannot just go out and buy a product called "Estroven" anymore. That's because there are many products under that name.
  • Estroven® Max Strength + Energy
  • Estroven® Weight Management
  • Estroven® Intimacy Pack
  • Estroven® Nighttime
  • Estroven® Stress, Mood & Memory
  • Estroven® Energy
  • Estroven® Peri Support + Weight
Because my hot flashes and night sweats were rather severe (even my hair would get wet) I opted to buy Estroven® Max Strength + Energy. Like any herbal product, I gave it six weeks before I started seeing results and for a couple of months thereafter it actually seemed like my hot flashes and night sweats had diminished. I was relieved. Almost giddy even

As advertised, the ingredients in Estroven Maximum Strength + Energy are: Black Cohosh, Soy Isoflavones, Magnolia Bark, Green Tea, and Yerba Mate.

The product had looked rather safe, harmless, and even supportive of anyone's health. Yet then again, after I'd been taking the product for about four months, the Estroven® seemed to not be working any more. I mean it wasn't working AT ALL. My hot flashes returned and they were worse than ever before. I was really suffering from an out-of-control body thermos and if I hadn't heard, read and been advised about menopausal symptoms I would have thought I was dying.


Hot flashes do NOT feel normal or healthy. I really felt something serious was missing from my diet. So, lo and behold, I started doing more research and learned that Estroven had been rated only 3 out of 5 stars by studies conducted by places like Wellesley Health. It only worked for SOME women. (It had only worked for me short-term.)

That's when I went to a natural health and vitamin supplement store and noticed the clerk behind the counter looked older than me but her skin was much more radiant, and she looked fantastically healthy. When I asked her for help with hot flashes, she pulled me aside and whispered that I should try a product that worked so well, the FDA reportedly pulled it from natural health food store's shelves.

Now? Women can only find this product in a traditional pharmacy. So I went home and did research on the supplement she suggested: Promensil.

Unlike Estroven®, Promensil is made from naturally occurring plant compounds, or more specifically, "red clover." Three products are sold by Promensil:
  • Promensil - 30 count
  • Promensil - 60 count
  • Promensil PM - 30 count.

So I trusted my natural health-store advisor, who claimed Promensil was backed by clinical studies, and started taking Promensil - 30 count. Yet I did it with some caution because certain studies like the Wellesley rating rated it only 2 out of 5 stars. Similarly, Consumer Health Digest rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Six weeks into taking Promensil (which is not too cheap at $30 per package) I finally started noticing my hot flashes were beginning to lessen in severity. I might still be woken up with a couple of night sweats but they were nowhere near as severe as they had been and I could go back to sleep without having to climb into the tiny freezer above our fridge. I no longer felt like I needed to take a shower after experiencing one. 

Because both Estroven and Promensil have different ingredients that are both supposed to help balance out a middle-aged woman's hormones ... I started taking both of them together. 

Now? After two months of taking Promensil daily and an Estroven every other day (at times when I think about it) my life is completely back on track. I might have one or two hot flashes per day and they are barely noticeable except I feel warm.

UPDATE: After two months of starting Promensil, taken with Estroven, I have ZERO HOT FLASHES. Only other thing I've changed in my life is to stop eating soy products. Soy increases estrogen levels in the body and I felt intuitively that soy might be interfering with herbs that were trying to balance my hormones out.

That stated ... I'm hoping this new remedy of taking Promensil and Estroven together keeps working. Hope it works for ya'll as well. 

Love and light, 

~ SunTiger

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Easy Fix: How To Get Rid Of Frito Pug Stinky Smell

Artemis: Easiest Going-Low Maintenance-Dog Personality
I love my 10 year-old Pug so much, if both of us ever need to go to the doctor's and I can only afford to take one of us ... it's Artemis (not me) who gets to see the professional.

That said, veterinarians have not always been a very big help in treating my Pug's skin allergy problems. They've prescribed things like Benadryl - and other allergy meds - that have not helped my Pug's skin problems and hot spot breakouts at all. 

Little Red Riding Pug
Over the years, my dog Artemis has suffered from everything ranging from infected ears, to yeast infections between-the-folds in his face, to having horrible skin allergies where he ends up scratching himself all of the time to having a big squishy tumor removed from his scalp; surgically.

Not Even Regular Baths Could
Eliminate That Frito Pug Smell
Each vet visit made helping my dog feel comfortable get more and more costly. While he is the easiest-going dog on the planet, and therefore very low-maintenance as far as his personality goes, I have had to wash my Pug's face two-times daily, spent countless hours washing his ears with medication, and even bathed my Pug every couple of days in therapeutic vet-approved baths with oatmeal. I also used other expensive skin ointments and oral therapies just to keep him from scratching off his own skin.

In spite of my heroic "pet management" efforts, my Pug still suffered and in spite of his many baths he stunk like dirty socks, and had a Frito corn-chips smell about him the very next day after any vet prescribed bath.

With so much time, money, and effort spent trying to keep him comfortable - I finally began to rethink all the veterinary approved therapies I'd used and finally began to employ my own background as an amateur sleuth. Also having a great fascination with herbs, and having taken college courses in herbal medicine, I started slowly researching and introducing alternative therapies for my Pug.

WORD OF CAUTION: Never give your dog any herb or medicine that your are not certain is 100% safe. So many supplements people take can be terribly toxic to dogs. Many of the foods people eat (e.g., avacados, coffee, chocolate) can kill a dog. So it's probably very wise to consult with an expert if you aren't sure about how to treat your pet with what herbs or natural medicines. Meanwhile, the herbs I am about to recommend are completely safe. I have used them on my own fur-babies with great success. 

Before being treated with 2 tsp coconut oil,
daily, Artemis would scratch his own hair off
and suffered a number of red hot spots



Turmeric, that yellow powder you find in the grocery store's herb section is a very powerful anti-microbial/anti-yeast treatment. I have been using Turmeric to cure all kinds of skin infections and wounds on myself, on my cat, on my chickens and on my Pug and I have to say this powder, when added to a little bit of water to form a paste, is the best possible salve for soothing insect bites, healing open wounds, and treating skin allergy hot spots around. Not only is Turmeric cheaper than most antibiotic ointments, but if the pet licks their Turmeric-treated wound they will not get poisoned. In my experience, Turmeric has cured wounds that antibiotics were not affecting at all. Turmeric has done the job even faster than vet-prescribed synthetic drugs. I cannot think of a faster, safer, or better cure for hot spots and skin wounds and in fact I cannot praise Turmeric LOUDLY or enthusiastically enough. 

In addition to treating my Pug's skin infections with a Turmeric/water paste, I would regularly add sprinkles of the herb powder to his every meal. The Pug loves the taste of Turmeric and, being human, you can sprinkle some of this known anti-inflammatory powder on your fried eggs, if you're not familiar using it for your own food.


This powder will stain everything it touches. If you put it on a white dog, his skin and hair will look yellow. If he lays on a white couch - you got it - yellow stain wherever he laid. Remedy: Put a shirt or wrap over whatever area you are treating to keep from staining your furniture.


Many sources claim Turmeric has anti-cancer properties. I have personally observed Turmeric helping cure every skin problem EXCEPT my Pug's yeasty-aroma. His yeasty inherited condition was getting so progressively worse, even after feeding him Turmeric, I hated taking him in my car to the dog park. That's  because the automobile would smell in the aftermath of having him ride in it even for a few minutes. That's even while my beloved Pug sat on a towel and I washed it after each ride.


I cannot claim to have found this cure on my own. It was my boyfriend/sweet domestic partner Art who actually suggested it. So I went on-line and did research and discovered that veterinarians talk about using this naturally made - relatively cheap - coconut oil as a pet food supplement. Yet I did not see any of them suggest it for curing stinky dog smell like my boyfriend insisted it would cure. In fact, I haven't found a site that talks about this cure for dog odor specifically, at all. Since I trust Art (who used to work at a healthfood/supplement store) we started trying it on my Pug and I have to say, two months after I started using it on my Pug - the results are already spectacular. 
2 months after feeding coconut
oil daily - fur is growing back. Most
hot spots are GONE! No detectable
Frito/Stinky odor!

CAUTION: Nothing happens immediately. This cure will work but you won't notice the difference until six weeks to two months

People have long claimed so many health benefits from eating coconut oil but who would have thought it would be good for dogs? In fact, I worried coconut oil might be harmful since oil is a "fat" and fats are well-known to be high in calories. No Pug needs extra help gaining weight. I mean, how many grossly fat Pugs have you seen gasping and waddling when their owners take them for a walk? (I've seen too many to count!) Fact is, Pugs love to eat! It's up to YOU and to me, their family members, to make sure they don't eat too much.

So with all the research I've done, reading veterinarian sites that claimed it was safe to give dogs coconut oil - I've not found ONE that would give me a recommended dosage for any size dog, let alone a 25 pound one. So all I can do for you, dear reader, is share the dosages that worked for treating MY PUG Artemis; where he did not gain weight at all. 

I decided to trust nature, my intuition, and my boyfriend Art's suggestion. Gave my dog one teaspoon full of coconut oil mixed in with his dry and wet dog food with each meal. My Pug eats two times a day. That means I gave him a total of two teaspoons of coconut oil each day and here are the observations I've had after six months of feeding my dog coconut oil.

It took six weeks but thanks to supplementing my Pug's diet with coconut oil
* My Pug has no more Frito body odor.
* Redness has disappeared from his skin.

* Fur he previously scratched off has grown back. (See pictures.)
* I can go weeks without bathing my dog and he smells like a normal dog (not too stinky to share blankets with)


Even with the coconut oil that I've supplemented my dog's diet with, my Pug still likes to scratch a lot. His pits still get red from his scratching in the morning. Here are two additional things I do to give him comfort (so he stops scratching himself). 

1. I rub JoJoba oil directly on his skin. My Pug loves JoJoba oil so much he rushes to me so I will rub it on his bare pits and paws. From his behavior, I would judge the JoJoba oil to be incredibly soothing to him. Reason I don't just rub coconut oil on his body is soon as I put it on he begins licking it off. JoJoba oil works better for that reason. It absorbs very quickly and he lets it stay there.

2. I put a toddler's size 2 T-shirt on my Pug and change it daily. Sometimes I need to crop the shirt (so it's not in the way of his needing to urinate). Yet I have noticed when he wears a T-shirt that covers his fore-pits he does not scratch there at all. The T-shirt covers his vulnerable spots and offers a visible sense of relief to his itching. Fortunately for me, Pugs like to be dressed up. I suffer no guilt for trying to force my dog into looking more like a boy by dressing him.

So there you have it. These are the treatments that I've used to have a much more comfortable, scratch-free dog. *Hope these treatments also work for you and your beloved pet.*

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Seattle Area Attraction: Future Of Flight Museum - Everett, Washington (USA)


The Boeing Future of Flight Aviation Center prohibits some people from taking the tour. If you're carrying either a machine gun or a baby you will NOT be allowed on tour. Even though Seattle and Everett are both rainy cities - plan to leave your umbrella behind as well.


First: You must be able to walk up and down steep stairs. If you cannot do that then you must either make wheelchair accommodations far in advance of your tour or experience spontaneous healing because this trip is not wheelchair accessible.

Second: The tour is in English. American Sign Language is available upon request for all tours scheduled at least two weeks in advance. If you don't speak English? Well, you aren't reading this blog then are you!

Third:  Children must be at least 4 feet tall (122 cm) to take the tour.  Don't worry if you're short as Danny DeVito (4'10") or shorter like Peter Dinklage (4'5"). No matter how tall you are - if you're old enough to own a mortgage, you're tall enough. Put on your high heels and take this tour. Just hold on to the hand rail as you go downstairs because those babies are steep!
Fourth: Visitors may not carry cell phones, umbrellas or babies on the tour. That means you can't wear babies in a back pack or dangle them over a balcony Michael Jackson style. Leave your crying, sucking, beautiful babies at home.

WARNING: If you violate any of the above restrictions the security will side-line you and you'll be spending the day in the "How Planes are Made" section of the museum. There you will stare at still photos with reading cards waiting for your friends to get back - which can take a couple of hours. You might also see a couple of airplane models suspended from the Center's ceiling not far from the various flags but after half-an-hour you will undoubtedly be feeling very bored and wish you had not come.

WHAT YOU'LL SEE ON THIS BOEING FUTURE OF FLIGHT TOUR (if you met the above limitations standards)

Expect to learn a lot about plastic composites and engineering as you take this factory tour. While mechanics and engineers ride bicycles to get around from place-to-place because the factory is so large, you will be walking a cat-walk far above them and you'll be looking down on them. Even way up there, from your haughty perch, you'll get to see how the Boeing 747 is made. You'll also learn a lot about the 787 Dreamliner!

In that part of the tour, you'll learn crazy-fun facts such as how jet lag was never caused by changing time zones like we once thought. Instead - it's the cabin pressure and oxygen deprivation that makes people feel groggy after a long flight. The new Dreamliner is built to address many such traveler side-effects so in the future ... when someone goes from Japan to Africa ... they can rest assured they'll be feeling well-rested and ready to embrace new adventures soon as they land

I've taken this tour and highly recommend it to anyone who is the least bit interested in flying and modern airplane technology. The admission price is well worth every penny. Bring extra cash because they have a couple of fun gift shops and you'll be hungry enough to buy a sandwich when the tour is over.